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Can I help the environment by lowering my thermostat?

There’s no doubt that human activity is the primary source of damaging effects to the environment, specifically through the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which leads to climate change. These gases, and their negative effects, can last for centuries but we can all reduce the process by reducing our energy consumption.

Your household can be pro-active in improving the atmosphere by lowering your thermostat by a few degrees (5-7 degrees would make a significant difference). This would decrease your energy use and also lower your heating bill. It’s the kind of small change that you probably wouldn’t even notice but if we all did it, it would be a really positive step.

Similarly, maintaining and repairing your boiler annually will ensure it performs to maximum efficiency will minimal waste.

Other recommendations would be switching windows to triple-glaze, making sure all ducts are correctly sealed, reducing the burning of fossil fuels (especially smoky coals and wet wood) and installing energy-efficient appliances throughout the home. Even knocking the radiators down a notch or two will make a difference. Do you need that radiator hopping in the spare room that isn’t even being used?

Starting to adopt the correct mindset towards climate change and realising that individual attitude change can improve all our futures is definitely a real positive.

Have a look at our Carbon Footprint Calculator here. It’s pretty interesting…!

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