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Service your boiler
annually to ensure heat efficiency.

Like your car, your boiler needs the once-over
every year to make certain it's running in tip-top condition
and is performing to a safe and productive standard.

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Annual Boiler Servicing

Boiler and burner maintenance are crucial in maximising heat and fuel efficiency for your home or business. Good too for the environment and your pocket.


We can repair most boilers in one visit and cover everything from airlocks to replacing burners. We also carry out minor repairs to your heating system such as replacing radiators and circulating pumps etc. We aim to attend breakdowns within 24 hours or less. By having your boiler serviced once a year, you are adding years to the lifetime of your boiler and ensuring the most heat is produced without wastage due to blocked exhaust vents and filters.

Our technicians provide a high quality service at reasonable prices to help you reduce your oil consumption and save money. You may not realise that an unserviced boiler will consume more oil for a given amount of heat towards a serviced boiler. This is where we come in.

Oil boiler servicing includes cleaning out the boiler, replacing nozzles and an efficiency test to return to the manufacturer's specification and to maximise efficiency. We specialise in the servicing and repair of GRANT regular & condensing boilers as well as all other makes and models including, Firebird, Gerkross and Warmflow.

We'll also repair and maintain all issues in and around your boiler including, fuel leaks, fuel lines, airlocks, minor repairs, breakdowns, temperature controls and more.

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