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Environmental Remediation

Is there a strong smell of fuel outside your house? Have you noticed damage to flora and fauna? There's a good chance you have a fuel leak problem.

And, unfortunately, this is the kind of problem that can cost you thousands if it's not addressed quickly. Let alone the fuel wasted (if unnoticed you might lose hundreds of litres), there could be lasting environmental damage on your property and maybe even on surrounding properties.

That's where you can incur huge expenses.

So what are the causes of domestic fuel leaks?

  • Wear and tear of fuel lines
  • Storm or weather damage
  • A split tank through age or manufacturing fault
  • Some other undefined cause that requires investigation
We will attend the site and survey the cause of the problem and will come up with a comprehensive remedy to minimize environmental damage and prevent further damage and waste.

Remedies can include:
  • Removal and replacement of damaged tank and line
  • Application of soak fill material to immediate area
  • Installation of a sump or treatment system
  • Commissioning a test to ensure no damage to water table
As usual, all remedies will depend on the severity of the situation but addressing issues in good time is crucial.

As a rule, check your tank and surrounding area a couple of times a year and especially after severe weather conditions, including severe heat believe it or not!

If you're in any doubt whatsoever or just want us to give it the once over, feel free to call. We're here to help.

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