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Your heating related questions:

Why should boilers be serviced annually?

A boiler is like a car, it needs regular maintenance to ensure that it operates satisfactorily. An annual boiler service will ensure that your boiler is operating at maximum efficiency therefore saving you money.

Is a boiler service required for a BER Energy Cert?

A boiler service should be undertaken prior to an Energy Cert Examination (BER) to ensure that the boiler is operating to the manufacturer's specification. By not doing this a default efficiency value will be used and this will reduce your rating and decrease the value of your home.

Should a boiler be commissioned after installation?

Yes. It is particularly important with modern condensing boilers that they are commissioned by a qualified OFTEC technician to ensure that the manufacturer's warranty will stand and that the heating system is operating correctly.

Do you work Saturdays and weekends?

Of course! We know from experience that your boiler will break down at anytime - more often than not out of 'office hours'. If it's playing up - we'll get it sorted!

I only want a cost estimate. Do you give quotes?

Certainly. We'll give you a timely estimate over the phone or by email - or we'll call out and have a look first. Depends, ultimately, on the job and what's involved.

Do you fix leaky radiators?

Yes, we'll have a look and find the source of the leak. If it's a pipe or pipe joint, we'll replace it. If it's the rad itself, it may need replacing. We can source new ones and fit.

What is an efficiency test?

An efficiency test is a measure of how well your boiler converts fuel to heat.

Do you offer BER assessments?

We offer BER assessments for new and existing dwellings and can undertake a boiler efficiency test as part of this service.

My fuel tank seems to be leaking. Can you fix it?

We'd certainly try and patch it up depending on the level of damage or wear incurred. You might have to replace it.

The boiler fires up but there's no heat in the radiators. Any idea?

It's possibly a heat pump issue. ie. The water is heating but has no way of getting around your system.

I just got a fill of kerosene but the boiler won't start. What can it be?

Could be several things but most probably an airlock in your fuel line. Especially if the tank had run out previously.

I have a new shower that needs fitting. Can you do it?

Yes, we do all plumbing related odd jobs around the house.

I'm worried about the environmental impact of my oil burner.

There's several alternatives you could go with. From sustainable wood burners to solar panels. We'd be happy to talk through viable options with you.

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