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Heating systems and plumbing are intrinsically linked and we're fully versed in piping, flushing, wiring, draining and getting it fixed!

hot water cylinder

Efficient heating systems rely on a watertight network of pipes, radiators and pumps keeping your household warm and dry throughout the year.

It probably looks and sounds daunting but all elements have a function and we're familiar with the maintenance and replacement of all intrinsic parts, however small. We'll take care of hot water cylinders, electric pumps, radiators, piping, taps, showers, drips, leaks and storage tanks.

Every once in a while, one of these things will break or degrade through no-one's fault. This is the fun of being a homeowner! Wear and tear is the usual culprit but other issues, such as environmental effects, can speed up degradation of system elements.

Anyway, whatever the cause, we're ready and willing to get the plumbing repair done for you, in good time. Or advise you on the best replacement elements, if you just want an upgrade.

What about toilets and broken flushers?

Yes. We can fix anything toilet-related. Whether it be broken flushes, tank not filling, unpleasant odours or leaks - or maybe you want a new suite put in. All no problem.

Drip! Drip! Drip! That tap needs replacing! Can you fix?

Absolutely. Taps, pipes, blocked sinks, blocked traps - we'll repair or replace as needed.

What about showers?

For sure. We can replace a shower unit, install a whole new cubicle, sort out leaks, poor flow, draining issues and any other problem you might have.

Call us today! We're here to help.

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